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Meet Ghana’s 13-Year Old Swimming Prodigy: Maayaa Abigediwer Motsieloa Ayawere

Maayaa Abigediwer Motsieloa Ayawere, is the 13-year old Ghana’s Swimming prodigy, who recently competed at the 2017 Africa Junior Swimming Championship, in Cairo, Egypt.

Maayaa, a member of the GH Dolphins Swimming Club, is a student of British International School, Accra, but learnt how to swim at a tender age of four at SK Neptun in Stockholm, Sweden, which is on record to have produced World and Olympic champions like Therese Alshammar and Jennie Johansson.

She moved to Ghana at age six and continued with her swimming lessons Felix Fitness Foundation in Accra, where she also trained as a Junior Life Saver.

At age 11 Maayaa had become interested in swimming as a sport and joined the GH Dolphins so that she could train and swim competitively.

She had her international experience in May, 2016, where she competed for GH Dolphins in Arnsberg, Germany and got a bronze medal in 50m breaststroke.

The Africa Junior Swimming Championships in Cairo 2017 is the first time she is representing her country and she is excited at the experience and looking forward to greater events.

Maayaa, said in an interview that “I made it to the final of the 50 meters breaststroke and it was an exciting competition and I loved every bit of it.

“Now I have to train hard and stay focused on my time, as I prepare to make it to the upcoming 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo”.

At this year’s Africa Junior Swimming Championship in Egypt, Maayaa competed in the 100 meters  breaststroke, 4×100 free style, 4×100 medley and 50 meters breaststroke, where she went through to the finals and placed 6th in the competition.

“The ultimate aim for the USA competition is to make the best time to represent Ghana in the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo with Abeiku and Kow Jackson, ” Maayaa noted.

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